Cronier Wines has adopted a little Cheetah Cub from the Cango Wildlife Ranch and renamed her “Shiraz”.

Wines that received Gold Medals at the Gilbert & Gaillard International Competitition 2017.

Cronier Wines has been awarded Gold and Double Gold for several of its wines in 2017.

Cronier Wines rece...

10 Wines receive Gold at the Gold Wine Awards 2017

We are proud to announce that Cronier Wines has received 10 GOLD Awards at the Gold Wine Awards in 2017.

It has been found that when wine tasters know the price of a wine they tend to be biased in favour of the more expensive wines.

In a double-blind tasting, the tasters do not know the identity nor the price of the wines and therefor judge the wine more fairly.

This competition aims to give all wines a fair chance by making sure the judges do not suffer from flavour fatigue by never tasting more than 10 wines of a kind in a row.

Wines are judged by qualified tasters selected by the Cape Wine Academy and the results are then statistically related to the price to determine whether the wines offer real value for money.

We are very proud to be associated with this competition, which once again proves that our wines can hold up to the best out there, and at an affordable price!

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